Lynette Stone DeClue

After giving birth to my twins, I found myself at 175 pounds and unable to lose any weight. I was tired, miserable, and weighed more than I thought I ever would. I started exercising and watching my diet and the weight began to slowly melt away. I started training with Frankie Long at Core Body FX and began to see my body shape change. Muscle tone began to develop, and I had a lot more energy.

During this time, I also developed a love of fitness. I knew I never wanted to be without it again. I got certified as a personal trainer and have my own clients now, sharing with them the love of health and fitness. Sometimes I look back and recall how miserable and hopeless I felt being so heavy. I never imagined I could be where I am today. When you decide to change, and stick with it, the possibilities are endless. You can be anything you want to be.

Weight Lost: 40 pounds