Mariana Coker

Education:NFPT, CNFS, Professional Bodybuilder IFBB PRO

Experience:10 Years

Mariana Coker

Certified Personal Trainer


Originally from Moldova in Eastern Europe, Mariana has always been involved in sports aerobics, professional dancing, and everything to do with the healthly living. Her many years in the fitness industry has helped her discover the true mechanics of how the body functions and what works best to achieve the optimal healthy physique. After moving to America and giving birth to two beautiful daughters, Mariana decided to buckle down and get her body back in shape. Through her dedicated training and perseverance, she became a professional in bodybuilding and nutrition. Her passion for health and fitness has evolved over the years and has become more refined. After becoming a certified personal trainer, Mariana has been helping her clients achieve their personal fitness goals through customized training and nutritional programs. She specializes in personal and group training as well as creating individualized meal plans for her clients. Her goal is to create a heathy lifestyle for maximum results and overall health for all her clients.


Body Coaching
Strength Training
Customized Nutrition
Weight Loss Programs